National Headlines 4-6-16

Trump breaks 50 percent mark in New York; Cruz in third place (The Hill)

Poll: 1 in 4 Sanders voters won’t back Clinton (The Hill)

Axelrod to Clinton: Don’t call Sanders’ young supporters ‘dupes’ (Politico)

Grassley calls out John Roberts on Senate floor (Politico)

Cruz Still Faces Daunting Delegate Math After Win in Wisconsin (Bloomberg)

The Bernie Sanders Interview by Spike Lee (Hollywood Reporter)

Donald Trump’s Loss in Wisconsin Could Mark a Turning Point (ABC News)

Hillary Clinton Questions Whether Bernie Sanders Is a Democrat: ‘I’m Not Even Sure He Is One’ (ABC News)

Mississippi’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill: What to Know About the New ‘Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law’ (ABC News)

State Department seeks to restrict questions in lawsuit over Clinton email battle (Washington Post)

When it comes to taxes, federal tax reformers shouldn’t forget the states (Christian Science Monitor)