Hatch: Ryan Could Emerge from Convention as GOP Nominee

Sen. Orrin Hatch says there’s “potential” for House Speaker Paul Ryan to be drafted as the Republican presidential nominee because he’s the one person who could unify the party.

Reports The Hill:

“I think it’s just natural that that speculation would happen because he’s one of the great leaders here on Capitol Hill and one of the people who brings both sides, all sides together, I should say,” Hatch told reporters Thursday.


Hatch said there’s currently no serious effort to draft the former VP candidate, who has repeatedly said that he isn’t interested in running. But Hatch’s remarks reflected the high standing Ryan has with many GOP office-holders, who see him as a potential white knight who could salvage the messy GOP White House race. 


“He’s one of my close friends and I have absolute confidence in him as a human being and as a leader. He’s a very, very fine human being,” Hatch said.