House Democrat Urges Continued Work on Submission of Rape Kits

House Democratic Representative Angela Romero urged continued work on submission of rape kits in Utah following a release of a BYU study finding that those submissions were dramatically lower than most other states.

She said, “This finding is an issue that many people involved in the Sexual Assault Kit Processing Work Group have been working on for several years. The group has created ways for local and state agencies to properly and professionally offer support to victims of sexual assault, including lowering the backlog of rape kits in Utah. The low submission numbers are a symptom of a problem across our state – that victims are not currently protected by a system that was created to do so.
We’ve seen a dramatic increase in attention to this issue, including the state’s Start By Believing day and appropriations allocated to testing unprocessed rape kits. This needs to be a top priority to everyone in our state, for health and public safety. I will work closely with my colleagues to make sure this happens. I appreciate the attention the report has brought to an issue we have struggled to solve for so long. It is our duty as elected officials to ensure that ALL rape kits are tested in a timely manner. I am committed to creating policy that will enact this change.”