National Headlines 4-12-16

Trump’s support deeper than it looks (Politico)

Billionaires fund anti-Trump delegate push (Politico)

WH defends Clinton and de Blasio after ‘CP time’ joke flops (The Hill)

Colorado Democrats admit mistake that cost Bernie Sanders key delegate (Denver Post)

Paul Ryan: ‘Count Me Out’ of 2016 Presidential Run (NBC News)

Bill Clinton grapples uncomfortably with the then and the now (Washington Post)

U2’s Bono urges lawmakers to view aid as national security (Washington Post)

What Private Information Did Uber Give the Government? (Atlantic)

John Kerry defends free trade deals (BBC News)

Sanders hitches campaign to fights against GE and Verizon (Washington Post)

Taxpayer info at risk from cyberattacks as Tax Day nears? (FOX News)