Americans for Prosperity Utah Thanks Senators for Supporting a Clean FAA Reauthorization

Americans for Prosperity Utah announced today they are applauding Senate leadership and Sens. Lee  and Hatch specifically for choosing to work on a clean reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration rather than attempting to attach numerous unrelated tax extenders that the group opposed as corporate welfare. 

Americans for Prosperity Utah State Director Evelyn Everton  released this statement: 

“Americans for Prosperity Utah connects the grassroots to lawmakers so that Washington can be held accountable for its crony tendencies. We are pleased that Senator Hatch worked with leadership to keep green energy pork off the package reauthorizing the FAA. We also applaud Senator Lee for signing a letter sent to Senate leadership denouncing using the vehicle to attach corporate welfare for green energy.  Washington too frequently uses must-pass bills to tack on corporate welfare items they know are unpopular, through the efforts of Senators Lee and Hatch cronyism ends up on the losing side. ” 

The group had engaged and educated grassroots around the country, highlighting this “green pork” as another example of the way Washington does business. They also led a coalition of 34 conservative groups, sending a letter to the Senate Finance Committee and ultimately issuing a key vote alert against the prospective package. 

On Monday, the group held a press call that featured Gardner, CEO Luke Hilgemann. On the call, Hilgemann retorted, “Airplanes aren’t running on solar and wind power, so I don’t know why some in Congress are making this a priority for the FAA reauthorization bill.” 

A spokesmen for Americans for Prosperity said activists in Utah would be thanking Senator Lee for his leadership in opposing the deal this week through online outreach. Senator Lee signed a letter circulated by Senator Flake that called on senate leadership to oppose adding green energy tax extenders to the reauthorization.