Electoral College Projections Show Clinton Would Clobber Trump and Cruz

Hillary Clinton 05Bad news for Republicans. According to the latest Electoral College estimates, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton would trounce both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in the November election.

A Morning Consult projection finds, if the presidential election were held today, both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would lose handily to Hillary Clinton. However, Ohio Gov. John Kasich beats Clinton.

Clinton beats Trump 328-210 electoral votes. Clinton beats Cruz 332-206. Kasich beats Clinton 304-234.

The results show that the race is still up for grabs, with nearly 20 percent of registered voters saying they are undecided about who they’d vote for between Clinton and either Trump, Cruz or Kasich. But the findings lend some weight to Kasich and Republicans who argue that Trump and Cruz can’t beat Clinton in a general election. They also signal that an election between Clinton and Kasich could shift some campaign focus towards the Midwest and away from traditional swing states of recent elections such as Florida, Iowa, Nevada and Virginia — Clinton wins those states in our analysis.