National Headlines 10-30-13

Obama: Majority can keep plans (The Hill)

Obama in Boston: Does Massachusetts prove Obamacare will work? (Christian Science Monitor)

Obama invokes the ghost of Mitt Romney (CBS News)

Obama blames ‘bad apple’ insurers for canceled coverage (Reuters)

Some Factories Stick With Old Health Plans (Wall Street Journal)

Can Snowden revert privacy to a social norm? (USA Today)

Obamacare on trial: ‘You deserve better. I apologize,’ Sebelius says. (Christian Science Monitor)

Ex-Defense secretary Gates to head Boy Scouts of America (USA Today)

Biden’s niece in court in NY arrest-resist case; court doc says she hit officer amid dispute (Associated Press)

House Passes Bill on Derivatives (New York Times)

Social Security announces 1.5% increase for 2014 (MarketWatch)

Treasury report criticizes China currency policy (CNN)