Local Headlines 4-22-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Newspapers decline but oil will be valuable for decades

Editorial: Utah politicians distract us from our bad air

Rolly: Signature-gathering firm goes from villain to hero for Utah GOP

Study: Convention delegates more extreme than most Utah voters

Utah agency will drop diversity when considering judges — for now

Huntsman group unveils plans to solve America’s woes

Salt Lake County job growth ranked No. 3 among nation’s large counties

UTA wins federal grant to buy its first-ever electric buses

California lawmakers enter the fray over Utah coal exports

Deseret News

A. Scott Anderson: Utah’s moonshots: Top priorities for the future

Op-ed: Republican for the republic

Survey shows split between GOP voters, state delegates

Governor’s race taking center stage at state GOP, Democratic conventions

Report: Higher starting wages part of the value of a Utah college education

Former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett now dealing with stroke


Op-ed: Coping with rapid population in Utah County (Daily Herald)