National Headlines 10-31-13

Nine Dems propose mandate delay (The Hill)

ObamaCare implementation agency paid out $23 million on behalf of dead people (The Hill)

FAA ends tablet ban during flights (The Hill)

How Lucky That Google And Yahoo Are Being Tapped Offshore By The NSA And GCHQ (Forbes)

Changes pursued in US security clearance system (Associated Press)

Obama Won’t Attend Gettysburg Address Remembrance (Associated Press)

Rand Paul: Plagiarism charge from ‘haters’ (Politico)

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama approval sinks to new low (NBC News)

Biden also apologizes for health care website (USA Today)

Hawaii Senate advances marriage equality bill (MSNBC)

Obama: ‘Shop around’ if you lose your health insurance plans (Fox News)

Barack Obama to announce aggressive strategy to attract investments (Economic Times)