American Conservative Union: Rep. Mia Love a ‘Top Conservative’

Congresswoman Mia Love is recognized as one of the strongest conservative voices in the 114th Congress by the American Conservative Union Foundation, with a score of 96.  Monday, the ACU presented her with its Award for Conservative Excellence. 

The award is in recognition of her votes in Congress, and how they reflect a commitment to America’s Foundational principles and the Constitution.

“I am pleased to accept this award, and my votes reflect my strong feelings about what’s best for Utah and for this nation,” Congresswoman Mia Love said.  “My conservative principles are strong.  I cast my votes based on the principles of a free society: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Chairman of the ACU, Matt Schlapp said:  “The bills we selected to rank the members of Congress were focused on Ronald Regan’s philosophy of the ‘Three-legged stool’:

  • ·Fiscal and economic: Taxes, budgets, regulation, spending, healthcare, and property.
  • ·Social and cultural:  2nd Amendment, religion, life, welfare and education.
  • ·Preserving our nation’s security by maintaining a strong national defense.”

Rep. Love’s score of 96 during the first session reflects one of the highest conservative scores in the 114th Congress.