Huntsman Warms to Trump

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says Donald Trump is the only GOP presidential candidate who can “stitch together a winning coalition” that transcends traditional party boundaries.

Writes Gawker’s Melissa Cronin:

Donald Trump is squeezing the pillars of the Republican party, and one by one, each is crumbling into a pathetic pile of post-ideological rubble.


Chief among them this week is former governor of Utah John Huntsman, a man best known for being co-chairman of the bipartisan No Labels group, a campaign with a whole bunch of inherently conflicting solutions for Washington gridlock. He also served as the United States Ambassador to China under the Obama administration. Now, forget ‘No Labels’ in favor of one label: Trump. He’s all-in for the Republican presidential frontrunner, Politico reports—along with a slew of other miserable souls.


“We’ve had enough intraparty fighting. Now’s the time to stitch together a winning coalition,” Huntsman told Politico. “And it’s been clear almost from the beginning that Donald Trump has the ability to assemble a nontraditional bloc of supporters. … The ability to cut across traditional party boundaries — like ‘80, ‘92 and 2008 — will be key, and Trump is much better positioned to achieve that.”