Cruz Warns Trump May Encourage Unrest at GOP Convention

Ted CruzTed Cruz says GOP frontrunner Donald Trump may encourage riots at the GOP Convention in Cleveland if he is denied the nomination on the first ballot.

Cruz said he believes Trump will not spark riots, but he may egg protesters on. From The Hill:

“The last contested convention we had in 1976, Ronald Reagan had a million more votes than Gerald Ford. But Gerald Ford got the votes of the majority of the delegates,” he said.


“If you look back to the very first Republican convention in 1860, our very first candidate for president, Abraham Lincoln, came into a contested convention, and he was second in the balloting. And on the third ballot, he won a majority. The test is to win a majority.”

Tuesday’s Indiana Primary may be the last stand for Cruz and other Republicans who want to stop Trump from winning enough delegates to secure the nomination on the first ballot.