Achieving ‘Old Eccentric’ Status, and Sundry Items

lavarr policy insightsI turn 65 in a couple of weeks. Medicare, here I come. I’m hoping 65 is when I get “old eccentric” status. As in, “Don’t worry about the nutty stuff he says or does. He’s just an old eccentric.”

I can hardly wait. Old eccentrics get special treatment. They can be irreverent, outrageous, politically incorrect and even pinch nurses (male and female, of course), and get away with it. Everyone says, “No biggie. He’s just an old eccentric.”

Old eccentrics can be hard of hearing when they want to. They can spoil grandchildren, buy a new sports car, hang out with weird friends, forget important meetings, skip church, and tell ribald jokes.

The truth is, being an old eccentric is more about a state of mind than age. I’ve been working at it for a while and don’t yet have it down. I’m way too sincere.

And another problem with me being an old eccentric: My wife probably won’t let me. Old idiot or old geezer, yes. Old eccentric, no.

Be glad you’re in Utah. Kansas legislators adjourned after passing an unbalanced budget, taking millions of dollars out of highway funds and delaying highway projects; making significant funding cuts to higher education; delaying a $92 million payment to the public employees’ retirement system; and ordering Gov. Sam Brownback to find another $92 million in additional cuts and efficiencies.

Quote of the day. “. . . Almost everyone will tell you that Utah’s real secret weapon is its people.”

— Lengthy story in BuzzFeed notes that the Beehive State is seen as a great destination for startups. The article explores the nexus between high-tech industry and Mormon culture.

Kudos of the day. New York Post column highlights U.S. Muslims, who are quietly monitoring Islamic extremism and reporting it to the authorities.

Nice read. Deseret News’ Doug Robinson profiles former BYU star running back Luke Staley about the high cost of football injuries. Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to play football.