National Democrats Not Yet Stepping into Love/Owens Rematch

Mia Love Doug OwensEven though national Democrats have targeted Rep. Mia Love in the 2016 election, she is not among the first wave of ads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Commission are running against incumbent Republicans.

Morning Consult reports the DCCC has reserved $32 million in advertising in 14 districts they’re focusing on this year. Utah is not on the list.

In February, the DCCC said they would be “agressively targeting” Love’s seat as part of their “Red to Blue” program. That initiative includes 18 seats they feel they have a chance of flipping away from Republican control.

Even though the initial list of airtime purchases does not include the Love/Owens race, that does not mean they won’t step into the fray as we get closer to November.

In the most recent polling, Love had a 62% approval rating in her district, with 30% of 4th Congressional District residents disapproving, leaving her with a +30 net positive approval.