Press Release: NRA Mobilizes Members in Utah to Protect Access to Federal Land for Target Shooting

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action is mobilizing its members and supporters in Utah to attend a public meeting in Utah County this week to voice support for public access to public lands.

The Federal Bureau of Land Management has released a draft plan to manage target shooting on the eastern slope of the Lake Mountains and is asking for public input.

Currently, the BLM has temporarily closed off nearly 900 acres to recreational shooters. The BLM is considering lifting that ban or extending it to a long term ban. Another proposal would keep that ban in place and expand the closure to other adjacent lands for a total of 3,450 acres closed to target shooting. 

“This is the peoples’ land and they have every right to use it as long as they are doing so legally and responsibly,” said NRA Spokesperson Catherine Mortensen. “If there are bad apples breaking the law by shooting recklessly on public land, by all means, throw the books at them. The NRA and its members simply want to ensure that those who use the land responsibly have the ability to do so. The federal government, which already owns 67 percent of all the land in Utah, should not be making it harder for Utahns to access their land for recreational activities.”

In a separate, but related move, the BLM recently announced the transfer of 150 acres of BLM lands to Utah County for the development of a shooting range at the southern end of the planning area on Soldier Pass Road.

The draft plan can be read on BLM’s websites by clicking here   or here (navigate both sites via Utah>Salt Lake Field Office>EA>2015.Eastern Lake Mountains target Shooting Plan Amendment).

The BLM will be hosting a public meeting on May 11th at the Talons Cover Gold Club, Saratoga Springs, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The public can submit comments on the draft plan through May 31st by email.  Comments can also be faxed to 801-977-4397 or sent by mail to Salt Lake Field Office, Eastern Lake Mountains Target Shooting Plan Amendment, 2370 South Decker Lake Boulevard, West Valley City, Utah 84119.