Poll: Majority of Utahns Say Political System is ‘Rigged’

There’s been a lot of controversy during the 2016 presidential campaign. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have talked about how the system is rigged against them. Utahns tend to agree with that assessment.

A new UtahPolicy.com survey finds that 59% of Utahns agree with Trump and Sanders that the nominating process in both the Republican and Democratic parties are “rigged” somehow.  36% disagree with that statement while 6% don’t know.

Donald Trump’s assertion that the nominating process is rigged against him mostly stems from the efforts by Republicans to block him from receiving enough delegate votes on the first ballot at the convention to win the nomination. Tactics included campaigns working to elect delegates at the state level who would shift away from Trump on subsequent ballots at the convention as well as a failed attempt at collusion by the Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaigns to prevent Trump wins in certain states.
Bernie Sanders’ complaints about the process include the Democratic superdelegates, party officials who get to vote at the convention without being bound to a particular candidate like other delegates. Superdelegates are allowed to change their mind as to whom they’re voting for. Those superdelegates will likely push Clinton over the finish line for the Democratic nomination.
Most of the superdelegates this year announced their support for Hillary Clinton even before Sanders entered the race. That includes two of Utah’s four superdelegates who are voting for Sanders despite his overwhelming victory in the March presidential preference vote. 
Sanders’ supporters also complain about the primary/caucus procedure in states like New York, where independents were not allowed to vote because the election was closed to non-Democrats.
Utah Republicans, Democrats, and independents all agree with the idea that the system is rigged.
– 53% of Republicans agree with Trump and Sanders.
– 54% of Democrats agree that the process is rigged.
– 68% of independents say the system is stacked against some candidates.
The survey was conducted by Dan Jones & Associates from May 2-10, 2016 among 588 registered Utah voters with a margin of error +/- 4.04%.