Press Release: Scott Howell Promises Only One Term if He’s Elected Mayor of Millcreek

Scott Howell made an unusual first promise to voters as he launched his formal campaign this week to become the first mayor of the new city of Millcreek.

The former three-term Utah State Senator and veteran of statewide races said “I pledge to run for one term only.”  

Howell said the pledge underscores his reason for running: civic duty, not personal gain.

Howell told supporters he is the only candidate who knows how to build a new Smart City from its beginning. Before his recent retirement as a director at IBM he worked on that company’s Smart Cities Initiative.

Smart Cities leverages technology to tackle key urban challenges.

“I pledge to build a sustainable city with smarter urban planning, managed economic growth, green spaces, clean energy, clean air and better city services,” Howell said.  “And I know how to do that on budget.”  

Howell said he was responsible at IBM for more than 300 employees and a $1.2 billion budget.

Howell acknowledged that he was not a booster of the drive that led to the incorporation of four Salt Lake County townships as Millcreek City, effective January 2017.  

“But in a democracy we count every vote,” Howell said. “And it is time to work together for the good of our community. At this critical moment Millcreek needs a mayor who can bring both sides of the incorporation vote together.”

Howell said other leading candidates for mayor were drivers of the incorporation vote.

“I feel it is very important that our first mayor be free of any questions of impropriety, personal gain or other potential conflict,” he said. “We need a mayor who was not part of the incorporation campaign.” 

Howell said he had not intended to return to public office. “Millcreek is my hometown and this is why I’ve stepped back into politics, because I care so deeply that we get this right.”