Press Release: Weinholtz Announces He Will Not Accept Campaign Contributions from Corporations, Lobbyists or Special Interest Groups

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Michael Weinholtz, held a press conference on the steps of the State Capitol this morning to announce he will not accept cash donations for his campaign bid from large corporations, lobbyists, or other special interest groups.

He will only accept donations from individuals – individuals across the state who feel they have no voice, those who feel they are not being represented by Governor Herbert and the legislature, and those who feel they are not being heard.

This announcement comes in response to the onslaught of media coverage the past two weeks highlighting the numerous gaffes from Governor Herbert surrounding his fundraising efforts. Weinholtz pointed out recent blunders including:

  • ·Governor Herbert announced he will meet with the people IF they donate thousands to his campaign fund.
  • ·Governor Herbert tells the citizens who voted for him that he’s turning over the state of Utah to his staff to run while he fundraises.
  • ·Governor Herbert calls himself “Available Jones” meaning he is always looking to make a buck and is available for a price.

Weinholtz demonstrated his disdain by brining a For Sale sign to the Capitol, and committing to the public and media that in a Mike Weinholtz administration, the Capitol will not be for sale. 

“This is the people’s house,” said Weinholtz. “It is YOUR house. It belongs to YOU. I will tear down the For Sale sign on the Capitol.

Weinholtz continued, “For two days a month, I will have an open door to the public. No check. No appointment. Please come visit me. Come talk. Share your concerns.”

Weinholtz has vowed from the beginning of his campaign to listen to the people – a reputation he has carried from decades of business leadership as CEO of CHG Healthcare. He pays attention to the results of public polls on every issue important to Utahns, but he observes the current governor and legislators ignoring the public and moving forward with their own agenda.

As such, Weinholtz will continue pushing for Medicaid expansion, increased education funding, the protection of precious lands, and better air quality – issues that have the majority of Utahns demanding action from the government.