Rep. Mia Love’s Veterans Bill Passes Committee

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs passed Congresswoman Mia Love’s bill, The Fair Treatment for Families of Veterans Act (H.R. 4087), out of committee. 

The Fair Treatment for Families of Veterans Act would extend the end date of certain VA benefits from the end of the month before a recipient’s death, to the end of the month of a recipient’s death.  This simple fix would prevent surviving family members from having to repay benefits that were used by their loved ones for care during life.

“I am pleased that my legislation has advanced and am grateful for the strong bipartisan support it has received,” Congresswoman Love said.

H.R. 4087 has 38 Republican co-sponsors, and 28 Democrat co-sponsors.

Rep. Love added:  “I am a firm supporter of both veterans and their families. These men and women have made, and continue to make, great sacrifices to keep each of us safe. We must keep our promises to our veterans when they come home and to their families when they do not.” 

Last year, Congresswoman Love learned from a constituent that the VA had requested that she repay VA benefits which had initially been paid to her deceased mother six months prior.  The VA explained that federal law stipulated that such benefits can only be paid until the month before death, and therefore the deceased beneficiary was not entitled to her last month’s benefits.  The Fair Treatment for Families of Veterans Act was introduced to prevent this from happening again.