Republicans Don’t Want More Women in Congress

Oof. A new poll says less than 1/4 of Republicans would like to see more women elected to Congress.

The poll from Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics shows 43% of all Americans would like to see more women in Congress, which includes 60% of Democrats. 

Puzzlingly, just 24% of Republican women, and just 23% of all Republicans would like to see more women in Congress.

From The Atlantic:

As you can see, there’s a bit of a gender divide, with Democratic women being the most supportive of the idea of more women in Congress. Democratic men support the idea by 15 fewer points, but they’re still much more likely to think having women in office is something positive than Republican men or women are.

“Another interesting result is that, among Republicans, partisanship trumps gender in views on electing women to Congress,” observed pollster Gary Langer in an accompanying article. “There’s essentially no difference between Republican men and GOP women in calling this a good thing, 22 vs. 24 percent.”