Polling Shows Urban/Rural Gap Getting Bigger

Urban Rural DivideDonald Trump is crushing Hillary Clinton in rural areas, while Clinton has a huge lead over Trump in the urban parts of America.

A deep dive into the numbers from a recent NBC/WSJ poll shows Clinton leading Trump in the rural areas by a 58-33% margin. Trump’s lead in the rural parts of America is even bigger at 60-29%. The suburban vote for the two candidates is tied at 44% each.

NBC News says that’s a big advantage for Democrats, because there are a lot more voters in the cities than in the rural areas.

Interestingly, where Clinton is underperforming is in the college towns (Books and Barracks Counties — hello, Bernie Sanders!), and where Trump is underperforming is in Faith Driven America. But when Trump goes into Urban America — as he did last night in Albuquerque, NM with a significant Latino population — you see why you get the protests and unrest that occurred. This country couldn’t be more divided between Urban America and Rural America.