National Headlines 6-2-16

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a tight race in California as the campaign batters her popularity (Los Angeles Times)

A billionaire of her own? (Politico)

State Dept.: ‘We have hit a dead end’ on who ordered video edit (The Hill)

Sanders jabs at Clinton’s foreign policy credentials following speech (The Hill)

Protesters take to streets after Trump rally in San Jose (CNN)

Hillary Clinton Warns That Donald Trump’s ‘Thin Skin’ Would Set off War or Economic Crisis (New York Times)

Speaker Paul Ryan, After an Awkward Courtship, Endorses Donald Trump (New York Times)

Donald Trump to meet with Florida Gov. Rick Scott (CNN)

President Barack Obama Backs Expanding Social Security (Huffington Post)

State Department report finds Iran is top state sponsor of terror (CNN)

North Carolina Blue Cross sues over Obamacare payments (Post-Gazette)