National Headlines 6-8-16

The 11 states that will determine the 2016 election (Politico)

Sanders won’t drop out: ‘The struggle continues’ (Politico)

AP warns reporters to be safe after harassment from Sanders fans (The Hill)

State: 75-year estimate for Clinton aides’ emails is ‘not outlandish’ (The Hill)

Brutal slaying in Golden Gate Park stirs San Francisco’s raging debate over homelessness (Washington Post)

Bilderberg: still powerful but perhaps a bit more anxious this year (Guardian)

Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million Votes (Gateway Pundit)

CNN Depicts ‘History-Making’ Hillary Clinton As Glowing ‘Golden God’ (NewsBusters)

Sanders’s rationale for staying in the race may no longer include winning (Washington Post)

U.S. spy plane buzzed by Chinese jets in ‘unsafe’ intercept (Washington Post)

How the GOP establishment could still steal the nomination from Trump (but won’t) (Washington Post)