Local Headlines 6-9-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: We would preserve Comb Ridge to share pioneers’ heroic story

Editorial: Provo and Orem should not block debate over transit plan

Utah County No. 2 in nation for 2015 job growth

Johnson campaign gets another $250K from Overstock founder

Tactical toilets produced locally could solve Salt Lake City’s potty problem

Dimple Dell development moratorium will lift with new standard

Utah’s lawsuit over federal lands nearly ready, expenses questioned

Presidential race, Donald Trump and future of the GOP looms over Mitt Romney’s upcoming Utah E2 Summit

School board candidates talk testing, teacher morale and party politics at Layton debate

Deseret News

Op-ed: Voters ultimately will decide the future of Utah’s economy

Jay Evensen: Presidential politics — how did we get from 1952 to here?

Editorial: Salt Lake County’s actions will improve water conservation

Overstock founder gives another $250K to Jonathan Johnson’s campaign for governor

$200K will fund Pioneer Park porta-potties; park police funding unclear

At House of Lords, Elder Oaks says world is far short of religious liberty for all


Lindon elected officials cast four rounds of votes before filling empty council seat (Daily Herald)

Party leaders, analysts promote unity in response to Clinton’s presumptive nomination (Logan Herald Journal)