What Happens if Hillary Clinton Wins Utah in November?

blue 15So, Donald Trump’s unpopularity in Utah could make the state a toss-up in November. 

Several UtahPolicy.com surveys along with a recent poll from the Salt Lake Tribune shows Donald Trump either tied or with a slight lead over Hillary Clinton. The wild card seems to be Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, who may siphon enough votes away from Trump to give Hillary Clinton a reasonable chance of winning.
So, what happens if Clinton somehow turns Utah blue for the first time since 1964? Down-ballot races aside, Utah’s six electoral votes would go to the Democrats.  That means, six lucky Democrats would get to cast their ballots in January of 2017 for Hillary Clinton. 
While only Republicans have been able to cast votes as Electors in the last 12 elections, every party must send their list of potential electors to the state elections office by August 31. If their party’s candidate ends up winning Utah, then they get to cast ballots in 2017.
For a taste of who might get that honor, check out the list of potential electors from the 2008 election for Utah’s political parties.
  • Stan Lockhart
  • Enid Greene Mickelsen
  • Mark Shurtleff
  • Scott Simpson
  • Richard Snelgrove
  • Patrice Arent
  • Joseph Hatch
  • Wayne Holland
  • Rob Miller
  • Todd Taylor
  • Frank Fluckiger
  • Jim Noorlander
  • Leonard Olds
  • David Perry
  • Reldon White
  • Joseph Buchman
  • James Dexter
  • J. Robert Lathan
  • W. Andrew McCullough
  • Dell “Superdell” Schanze
So, what happens if Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, pulls an upset and wins Utah? Who will get to cast those votes?
Well, five of those spots are already locked up. According to party bylaws, the party chair, vice-chair, executive director along with the two members of the Democratic National Committee will get to cast the votes this year. That means Peter Corroon, Breanne Miller, Lauren Littlefield, Jenny Wilson and Charles Stormont will cast ballots if Clinton wins. 
As for that sixth electoral vote? Executive Director Lauren Littlefield tells UtahPolicy.com that the 5 Electors who are already locked in will vote amongst themselves to pick the sixth member of the group.
Will it come to pass that Democrats will control the state’s six electoral votes in January? Maybe. But a lot has to go right for that to happen – and we’re still five months away from election day.