Orrin Hatch Hearts Chris Christie

Not content to wait more than 48 hours after the 2013 election, Sen. Orrin Hatch says he would like to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the GOP nominee in 2016.

Hatch also thinks Christie should pick New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez as his running mate.

From Politico:

“I was very interested that he had Susana Martinez there in the last days to campaign with him,” Hatch told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday. “Because that would make a great ticket.”

Martinez was in New Jersey on the final day before the election to stump for Christie at a slew of stops in the Garden State. Hatch, who has also campaigned with Martinez, called the nation’s first female Hispanic governor “really outstanding” with a “very attractive personality.”

“I think that the man really is an exceptionally tough, smart, good conservative who literally appeals across the board, which is what the Republicans need to have,” Hatch said, referring to Christie. “And let’s face it, Susana Martinez has a lot of qualities that would help a lot of people to understand that the Republican Party is a broad base party.”