Press Release: Utah Shines in Bipartisan Dialogue on Poverty Spearheaded by Reps. Love and Cleaver

Utah’s effective anti-poverty efforts took center stage during a bipartisan gathering of local and national elected officials and advocates.

Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, invited her colleague Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, to come to Utah for this critical dialogue and asked Sutherland Institute president Boyd Matheson to facilitate the discussion at the South City Campus of Salt Lake Community College.

“Utah, once again, is showing the nation how to tackle tough issues like poverty,” Matheson said. “The state Legislature’s work on intergenerational poverty, combined with the private-sector and nonprofit work of groups like The Other Side Academy, are just two examples of the great team of advocates working to end poverty and create upward mobility in the state. These and many other principles and policies can and should be exported nationwide.”

During this morning’s roundtable, Reps. Love and Cleaver stated their commitment to showing that when it comes to poverty, they prioritize actual solutions over party politics. Their message to those in attendance was simple: This is not a left or right issue; this is an American issue.

Rep. Cleaver shared his belief that a key component of reducing poverty will be to end the unnecessary duplication of government services and government agency turf battles, a concept similar to one outlined in a Sutherland post here.

The meeting was a first step in discovering and sharing solutions that end both short-term and intergenerational poverty through a combination of public and private sector efforts.

Many Utahns deeply involved in helping our neighbors most in need spoke with the two members of the U.S. House of Representatives, including Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, Bill Tibbetts (Crossroads Urban Center), Dave Durocher (The Other Side Academy), Stuart Reid (former state senator), and Pamela Atkinson (community advocate), among the three dozen in attendance.