National Headlines 6-27-16

Study: Blacks, whites split over racial progress under Obama (Politico)

Trump campaign fundraises off media ‘spin’ (Politico)

Ryan: GOP won’t ‘tolerate’ another sit-in (The Hill)

Scott Brown: Warren could prove Native American heritage with DNA test (The Hill)

Supreme Court vacates former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s conviction (CNN)

Democrats release Benghazi report (CNN)

Protesters claim police did nothing to stop violence at California Capitol on Sunday (Sacramento Bee)

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Limits (ABC News)

Nixon Vetoes Sweeping Missouri Gun Rights Bill (Associated Press)

Political chaos unleashed by Brexit pounds markets for another day (Politico)

George Soros: The European Union Is Heading For A ‘Disorderly Disintegration’ (Forbes)