Rep. Stewart Introduces the Ensuring Access to Domestic Mineral Production Act

Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) recently introduced the Ensuring Access to Domestic Mineral Production Act. This legislation ensures America’s economic and national security.

“The production of domestic minerals is essential to our economic and national security,” said Congressman Stewart. “Protecting Utah’s land and providing the essential resources needed for the U.S. economy are not mutually exclusive. This legislation will provide the balance we need to protect ourselves, our allies, and our environment.” 

Right now, massive areas of land are “withdrawn” from mineral exploration in the name of environmental protection without any consideration for the national security and economic consequences. This bill prohibits the Secretary of the Interior from any withdrawal until a study has been completed that demonstrates our national security will not be jeopardized.

Domestic mineral production provides the essential resources for national defense and national security requirements; America’s energy, agriculture, housing, telecommunications, healthcare, and transportation infrastructure; ecological sustainability for coastal regions; and the economic security of, and balance of trade in, the U.S. We can no longer afford to limit necessary resources without consideration for our economy and national defense.