Rep. Stewart’s Ghost Army Congressional Gold Medal Act passes the House

Today, Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) and Congresswoman Ann Kuster’s (D-NH) Congressional Gold Medal Act passed the House. This bipartisan legislation honors the Ghost Army, a top-secret World War II unit, with Congress’s highest expression of national appreciation.

Soldiers of the Ghost Army stood eye-to-eye with the Axis of Evil, saved thousands of lives, and defeated fascism in Europe. Unfortunately, due to the classified nature of their mission and operations, they have gone without recognition for more than 40 years. Today, Congress took the opportunity to right that wrong.

After passage of the bill, Reps. Stewart and Kuster released the following statements:

“For years, these soldiers and their families haven’t received the recognition they deserve,” said Rep. Stewart. “Three months ago, I was honored to introduce bipartisan legislation that seeks to right that wrong. Today, I couldn’t be more proud to see that legislation pass the House. To my Democrat and Republican colleagues in the Senate: Let’s pass this bill and give the Ghost Army heroes the highest honor we can.”

“The incredible story and contributions of the Ghost Army went unknown and unrecognized for far too long — during World War II, these brave men were on the frontlines conducting creative, innovative, and risky maneuvers to deceive the Nazis and draw forces away from allied troops,” said Congresswoman Kuster. “The Ghost Army saved thousands of allied lives during humanity’s darkest hour, but because their missions were kept secret for decades, they were never recognized for their extraordinary accomplishments. I’m proud that my Ghost Army Congressional Gold Medal Act has passed the House, and I hope that the Senate will pass this bipartisan legislation to award these brave Americans the Congressional Gold Medal and ensure they receive the long-overdue recognition they deserve.”