Public redistricting map drawing tool available

The redistricting software is now available for Utahns to draw maps to submit to the Legislative Redistricting Committee. Utahns may submit map suggestions for Utah’s Congressional, legislative and school board districts.

The Legislative Redistricting Committee is currently holding a public hearing to review how to use the map drawing software. A representative from Esri, the company that produced the software, is at the meeting to answer questions and give a tutorial. The committee also produced an FAQ guide on how to use the software.

Utahns can draw and submit maps for:

  • Congressional districts
  • State Senate districts
  • State House of Representatives districts
  • State Board of Education districts

Participants do not need to submit maps for each category but do need to submit complete maps with the appropriate number of districts.

In addition to drawing maps, Utahns are encouraged to attend a public hearing to explain their map and share feedback. The committee will be visiting various locations around the state starting next week to hear directly from Utahns. View the public hearing schedule here.

Learn more about the redistricting process and draw and submit a map at: