Ally Isom releases her first financial report and a new campaign video

Business and Community Leader Ally Isom submits first Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report, solidifying her as the strongest Republican candidate to beat incumbent Mike Lee in Utah’s 2022 primary election. 

Isom outpaced other challengers in both donors and donations in her first reporting period. During the first three months of her campaign, Isom has raised more than  $410,000 from 589 unique donors totaling 680 donations. Of those donors, over 75% donated $100 and under. In addition, over 88% of Ally’s donors are Utahns. This incredibly high percentage of small dollar donations indicates Isom’s message is resonating and everyday Utahns are ready to vote for her. 

“This is a people-powered campaign on every front — from donors to volunteers — people are taking notice and pitching in to help. We have incredible momentum and we’re just getting started,” said Ally Isom. “ I am grateful for the outpouring of Utahns’ support. It’s been incredible, and I am grateful for the public trust. It’s evident that Utahns need a leader who focuses on people over politics.” 

The first financial report provides critical insight into the viability of Isom as a political candidate. With many unique donors and influential supporters this early in the campaign, it’s evident that Isom has momentum and strong local support. The 680 donations demonstrate the need for change and a conviction that Isom is the candidate to defeat Lee. 

Along with donations from everyday Utahns, Isom is supported by many notable community and business leaders, powerhouse women, tech leaders and entrepreneurs. Supporters who donated this quarter include:

  • Karen Ashton & 
  • Alan Ashton
  • Dave Buhler
  • Rosemary Card
  • Jill Coil
  • GanelLyn Condie
  • Amanda Covington
  • Mary Crafts
  • Rich Crandall
  • Allison Dayton
  • Matt Driggs
  • Shannon Ellsworth
  • Fiona Givens
  • Samantha Gellert
  • Sharlee Mullins Glenn
  • Natalie Gochnour
  • Nolan Karras
  • Palmer DePaulis
  • Ken Farnsworth
  • Jeremy Hafen
  • Alan Hall
  • Sharlene Wells
  • Ron Jibson
  • Pat Jones
  • Stephenie Larsen
  • Neylan McBaine
  • Emily Bell McCormick
  • Ronda Menlove
  • Gail Miller & Kim Wilson
  • Greg Miller & Heidi Miller
  • Mark Miller
  • Spencer Millerberg
  • Rachelle Morris
  • Aimee Winder Newton
  • Kathleen Zenger Nilson
  • Sui Lang Panoke
  • Kimball Parker
  • Alyson Paul
  • David Parkinson
  • Michelle Quist
  • Brian Shiozawa
  • Alex Shootman & Brettne Shootman
  • Leslie Snavely
  • Steve Starks
  • Don Stirling
  • Jeff Strong & 
  • Sara Strong
  • Stephen Wade
  • Craig Wagstaff
  • Blaine Walker
  • Linda Wardell
  • Julie Valentine
  • Ken Verdoia
  • Muriel Xochimitl

Along with filing her first financial report, Isom released a new campaign video “Fighting for the Right Things.” In the three-minute video, Isom is raw, real and bold as she outlines why she is running for the U.S. Senate. She shares deeply personal experiences and highlights Lee’s failings. The video provides insight into who Isom is personally and professionally and why she is a uniquely powerful advocate for Utahns. 

“I’m in this race to fight for the RIGHT things—not just fighting for the sake of fighting,” Isom said. “Together we will reclaim our voice and get the right things done.”