Don’t forget Utah’s school board races

Low-budget local and state school board races often get overlooked in election season noise, and that is terrifying because some candidates bring partisan agendas to the boards that have no place in our Utah schools.

It’s important to elect candidates without an idealogical ax to grind.

Curtis Benjamin, has decades of classroom experience and experience advocating for schools and teachers across Northern Utah. Vote Curtis Benjamin in USBE District 1.

Sarah Reale is an educator, teaching as a professor of political science at Salt Lake Community College. Reale is the best candidate for USBE District 5!

Carol Lear is a valued member of USBE, running for re-election in District 6, who brings decades of experience working with the board in a variety of capacities as a teacher, administrator, university professor, board staff, and lawyer specialized in education law. 

Audryn Damron is a Special Education teacher working in the classroom who considers her students and their needs thoughtfully in policy discussions, not a partisan agenda. Damron is the best candidate for USBE District 8.

Let’s protect Utah kids from ideological agendas by electing candidates with education experience and kid-friendly plans, not culture war axes to grind. VOTE!