Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Steering committee created

The Utah Office of Energy Development (OED), in partnership with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), created a steering committee to work through topics and strategies related to the implementation of the Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Network Plan (Plan). The Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Steering Committee (Committee), conceived under section 5.1 of the Plan, met for the first time today and includes fifteen people from public and private organizations throughout the state.

Member of the Committee are: 

Thom Carter – Energy Advisor to the Governor – Chair

Lyle McMillan – UDOT

Bailey Toolson – OED

Becky Close – Division of Air Quality, Department of Environmental Quality 

Michelle Brown – Department of Government Operations 

Daniel Black – Department of Government Operations

Robert Slade – Department of Government Operations

Vicki Varella – Office of Tourism, Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity

Scott Strong – Division of Parks and Recreation, Department of Natural Resources

Laura Hanson – Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget 

Kim Frost – Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR)

Britton Bettrige – Leader’s For Clean Air

David Christensen – ASPIRE Research Center

James Campbell – Rocky Mountain Power

Jeff Peterson – Utah Rural Electric Cooperatives Association

One of their primary goals is to alleviate range anxiety that may come with ownership of an electric vehicle (EV). “Electric vehicle infrastructure is critical to our transportation future,” said Carlos Bracesas, Executive Director of UDOT. “This Steering Committee will help us implement an electric vehicle charging network to support the increasing use of electric vehicles statewide.”

Additionally, the Committee will update the Plan with the latest trends and innovations as EVs are more widely adopted. “With the vast amounts of private and public investment focused on EV’s and EV infrastructure, we are excited to get this Committee together to focus on the best ways to serve the people of the State,” said Thom Carter, Energy Advisor to the Governor and Executive Director of OED. “As we focus on policy, trends, research, and partnerships, we want to ensure Utah is in a position to lead in the evolution of our energy and transportation sectors.”

The Committee is expected to meet quarterly.