Utah County Law Enforcement’s declaration of No Confidence in Utah County Attorney David Leavitt

Utah County Law Enforcement has no confidence in Utah County Attorney David Leavitt’s ability and fitness to perform his duties as the county’s lead prosecuting attorney. This public declaration is a result of their collective experience with the prosecution policies and procedures implemented by David Leavitt during his first term in office. Unitedly, it is declared David Leavitt fails to provide for the safety and protection of Utah County residents through the proper enforcement of enacted laws and prosecution of criminal offenders. During his tenure in office:

  1. David Leavitt’s policies and practices as the Utah County Attorney have resulted in approximately 50% fewer criminal cases being prosecuted than were prosecuted in 2018, even though the crime rate in Utah County has remained consistent since 2017 (refer to Utah State’s Crime in Utah court statistics.) David Leavitt is more concerned with a suspect’s wellbeing and rights, than those of the public and victims of crime.
  2. David Leavitt eliminated the Special Victims Prosecuting unit, despite promising not to do so. Inexperienced attorney are screening and prosecuting cases involving sex trafficking, rape, sexual assault and other violent crimes against children and adults. Numerous victims who have been perpetrated upon, have have felt “re-victimized” after contacts with David Leavitt’s office. There is a lack of understanding, empathy, training of prosecutors, and desire to seek justice for the victims and accountability for the offenders.
  3. Per David Leavitt’s screening and prosecuting policies, child pornography offenses are prosecuted as computer crimes and not as heinous crimes perpetrated against children.
  4. David Leavitt declared that crimes against victims of violence will not be prosecuted unless “actual physical harm has occurred to the victim.” This allows abusers to repeatedly terrorize their victims without accountability, even though protective order are in effect.
  5. Victims in Utah County receive little or no justice because David Leavitt’s screening policies dictate that although a suspect has been arrested and charged with multiple offenses against a victim (including children), his office will not file all the charges, even if it is contrary to the wishes of the victim and law enforcement.
  6. David Leavitt declared his office will not prosecute death penalty cases, no matter how heinous, tortuous or violent the murder may have been inflicted upon the victim, and has personally re-victimized victim’s families while seeking to advance his personal anti-death penalty agenda.
  7. Mr. Leavitt’s lack of aggressive and proactive prosecution of drug offenses have resulted in increased drug distribution and drug cartel activity in Utah County.
  8. David Leavitt does not protect police officers who have been assaulted in the line of duty. He routinely reduces or dismisses criminal charges against offenders who have assaulted police officers.

As a result of David Leavitt’s actions and policies, your Utah County law enforcement community has no confidence in David Leavitt’s ability to fulfill the role of Utah County Attorney. WE request and encourage all residents to NOT re-elect David Leavitt in 2022, nor sign any petition in support of his re-election campaign.

Utah County Lodge 31 – Fraternal Order of Police