“Real Women Run Podcast” launches, aims to make running for office more accessible

Today, Real Women Run has launched “The Real Women Run Podcast,” which highlights the stories and life experiences of women serving as elected officials in municipal and county government across the state of Utah.

While Real Women Run is known for its in-person candidate trainings, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented the organization with opportunities to expand its programming and to reach more women from different backgrounds and from all parts of the state. 

In this six-episode first season, co-hosts Yándary Chatwin (Past Chair, Real Women Run; and current Vice Chair, Salt Lake County Redistricting Commission), and Nina Barnes (Real Women Run committee member; Vice Chair, Utah System of Higher Education; and current candidate for the Utah State House) interviewed eleven women from Logan to St. George to discuss the day-to-day duties of serving in elected office, how and why they decided to run, and how their individual life experiences prepared them for the roles they hold today. 

“At Real Women Run, we focus heavily on teaching women how to run for office, which means we don’t always talk about what happens once a candidate wins and takes office,” Chatwin said. “This podcast is important, because it helps listeners learn more about the day-to-day work of elected officials at the local level. We hope that hearing the stories of these incredible women will help our listeners understand that their talents and life experiences matter, and they, too, can run for office.”

Barnes added, “Women’s voices are needed at the table now more than ever. We chose to launch on Feb. 14, because it marks the 152nd anniversary of Seraph Young casting her ballot in a municipal election and becoming the first woman to vote in the United States. There is power in political participation, especially in the government that is closest to you.”

The first three episodes of the podcast are set to drop on Feb. 14 and focus on women serving in municipal government. Guests for these episodes include: 

  • South Salt Lake City Council Vice Chair Natalie Pinkney
  • Salt Lake City Councilwoman Ana Valdemoros
  • Hilldale Mayor Donia Jessop
  • former Cedar City Mayor Maile Wilson Edwards, and 
  • Helper Mayor Lenise Peterman.

The last three episodes will be released weekly on Mondays and feature women serving in county government. The schedule of guests is as follows:

  • Feb. 21: Cache County Councilwoman Barbara Tidwell and Grand County Commissioner Trisha Hedin
  • Feb. 28: Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera and Summit County Attorney Margaret Olsen 
  • Mar. 7: Utah County Commissioner (and former Clerk/Auditor) Amelia Powers Gardner and Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen 

In future seasons, the “Real Women Run Podcast” hopes to explore the stories of Utah women serving at other levels of government. You can find the podcast here, https://anchor.fm/real-women-run, and wherever you listen to podcasts.