Utah Policy wins Top of the Rockies award – again!

Utah Policy received an award from the 2022 Top of the Rockies Contest sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Colorado Pro Chapter. It is a regional, multi-platform contest for reporters and news organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

Contributor Jared Whitley won second place in the “Personal/Humor” category in the small newsrooms division. He won second place in the same category last year. Congratulations, Jared!

His two winning columns are: 

Is Mike Lee Strong Enough to Slay the Silicon Monster?

“Sen. Lee and others need all the support they can get to fight against the overwhelming malignancy of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. If these companies were as virtuous as they say they are, they would self-select to break up their own monopolies, stop stealing your privacy, and give billions away to charity. But they’d rather not do that: the people who cannot run their own city would rather have absolute power over the world forever.”

Democrats’ Postal Bailout Is Just Another Brick In The Wall 

“About 100 years ago, a cunning banker built a branch in Vernal by mailing himself bricks because it was cheaper than shipping them. W.H. Coltharp realized that USPS’s parcel post rate was half the cost of shipping via commercial freight wagons, so he had each brick individually wrapped and mailed 400 miles to Vernal – all 37 tons of them. 

This anecdote from history is perhaps the most glorious instance of the private sector exploiting government service … and alas things haven’t changed that much with the Post Office since then. 

The country still needs a post office in some form, but not without reform. Sen. Mitt Romney, who sits on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Senate Committee, is in a position to lead on this issue – and realizing the need to address government waste is something he and Sen. Mike Lee have always been good about. Our post-corona world is a time for fixing systemic problems, not extending them. But asking Congress to fix this feels like talking to a brick wall.”