Office of the State Auditor releases high school graduation rates dashboard

With graduations happening across Utah, the Office of the State Auditor (Office) today announces the release of its High School Graduation Rates Dashboard as part of the Office’s Project KIDS.  These dashboards are intended to provide insights for the public, education officials, teachers, parents and decision makers into high school graduation rates across the state. Statewide graduation rates have risen from 83% to 88% between 2014 and 2021.

The data may be explored in multiple ways for deeper insights. The LEAs (local educational agencies) view aggregates graduation rates and spending per high school student by LEA for a “district-wide” view. This view also shows graduation rates by various demographic groups to highlight differences in educational attainment.

The Schools view shows historical graduation and spending trends for each high school within a selected LEA. In the Schools view, users can press play to watch how spending and graduation rates vary over time. In both views, users can select a point on the scatterplot to filter the right-hand visualizations for the LEA or school.

State Auditor John Dougall said, “I am pleased to see the improvement in Utah’s graduation rates over the last 8 years, however there are still opportunities for improvement. While we celebrate the achievements of so many students, Utahns must expand learning opportunities to meet the needs of every student.”

Project KIDS is a special, in-depth performance audit of public education that integrates financial, operational, and performance data to create interactive visualizations. This informs Utah stakeholders where the money is going in public education so those stakeholders can better determine how well that money is being spent.

Project KIDS can be found at  and the High School Graduation Rates Dashboard can be found at