Curtis endorses GOP leadership pillars to promote energy, climate and conservation efforts

Following the announcement from Rep. Garrett Graves (LA-06), the lead on Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (CA-23) Energy Climate and Conservation (ECC) Taskforce, Rep. John Curtis (UT-03) expressed his support that Republicans are leading on efforts to deliver lower energy costs for consumers, create American jobs, and provide economic and energy security for American families by utilizing American resources and capitalizing on our domestic advantage through effective, achievable, and practical solutions.

“The Republican message on climate and energy has never been more important,” said Rep. Curtis. With Republican leadership, our country can have not only energy independence but energy dominance, build our economy, and reduce emissions.

Now as we look to the 118th Congress, there is a strong likelihood that we have the chance to lead on this issue and prove that the U.S., through effective, achievable, and practical solutions, can help the world meet our climate goals.”

Republican Leader McCarthy’s ECC Taskforce, of which Rep. Curtis is a member, understand that increasing U.S. production and advancing American innovation is our competitive advantage over the rest of the world and it should be fostered instead of hindered. This competitive advantage allows us to produce traditional energy sources more efficiently and cleanly, harvest higher crop yields in our agriculture sector, and protect American lives and livelihoods by deploying smart resilience and mitigation investments in conservation and adaptation solutions.

Since the announcement of the seven Task Forces last summer, the ECC Task Force has held numerous Member and staff meetings and has met with outside experts and stakeholders. Over the next two months, the ECC Task Force will unveil policy rollouts focusing on key issue areas and policy solutions to support Leader McCarthy’s Commitment to America and move our country back into the right direction. The ECC Task Force’s key issue areas are as follows: Unlock American Resources, American Innovation, Let America Build, Beat China and Russia, Conservation with a Purpose, and Build Resilient Communities.

To learn more about the task force, click here.