Jen Plumb statement on Senate District 9 primary victory

After her victory in the Democratic Primary for Utah State Senate District 9 was confirmed, Jen Plumb offered the following statement:

“I am deeply honored to be the choice of the voters of Senate District 9. Running a spirited campaign, I had the privilege of speaking to voters in every corner of our district, learning what they want and need to create the Utah that they want to live in. After the General Election in November, I believe that I am ready to deliver.

“My sincerest gratitude to my opponent, Senator Derek Kitchen, who has made his voice — loud and proud — known throughout the Capitol. His input and action for our district have been a critical part of making Utah a better place, and I look forward to working with him to engage voters through the November election. I am excited to follow in his footsteps in delivering for Senate District 9 voters.

“Now — onward and upward! Every Utahn deserves healthcare, housing, and a voice on Capitol Hill, and I am ready to fight for them as I have fought for my patients, family, and our collective future for my entire life.”

Dr. Jennifer Plumb is the Democratic Nominee for Utah State Senate District 9. Dr. Plumb is the founder of Utah Naloxone, an organization devoted to providing the opioid overdose reversal drug for free to every Utahn. She is a full-time pediatrics emergency medicine physician at the University of Utah, and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Dr. Plumb is also the proud mother of a transgender daughter, and ran her campaign on fighting for the rights that every Utahn deserves, no matter their socioeconomic, educational, or gender status.

She will be unopposed on the ballot in November, save for a write-in candidate. She previously earned the support of delegates at the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Convention, as well as the endorsement of the majority of Utah Democratic Party Caucuses.