Utah Democratic Party stands with victims of sexual harassment

Today, Chair Diane Lewis released the following statement:

“First of all, I would like to state plainly and clearly that harassment of any kind has absolutely no place in our party, and those who engage in it should face the consequences. The leadership of the Utah Democratic Party stands with those who have spoken out about their experiences, and we believe that there should be a full investigation of sexual harassment of any kind within our party. Nobody should be able to get away with misconduct, especially not those in power, and I stand unequivocally with anyone who has faced harassment.

As outlined in our Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures, which were adopted in 2019 after much collaboration between Democrats striving to make the party a safer place for victims of sexual harassment and misconduct, the party cannot launch our own investigation until there is an official complaint to us. However, I am glad to see that the State Senate has begun the process of an independent investigation to gather the facts about the alleged harassment by Sen. Davis.

In the case that the party does receive an official complaint, I am confident that the UDP Judicial Committee will move forward swiftly with a full investigation of their own, and will do everything within their power to conduct a fair, confidential, and thorough accounting of the facts which, based on their conclusions, may lead to official disciplinary action.”