Utah Democratic Party statement on Utah Supreme Court ruling

On Thursday, the Utah Supreme Court denied the Utah Democratic Party and candidate Josh Hardy’s request for an emergency ruling removing Joel Ferry from the ballot in House District 1. 

“I’m disappointed that the Utah Supreme Court did not remove a clearly unqualified candidate from the ballot to avoid voter confusion and dissolution. But I’m encouraged by the voters that have approached my campaign to tell me that they agree that the games my opponent has been playing are not right and that the voters should get a real choice,” said Josh Hardy, candidate for House District 1.

“On KSL Radio just days ago, Joel Ferry admitted he is keeping his name on the ballot to help his party, not his district or voters. Utah Democrats will continue to fight to preserve democracy in this great state, even if voters don’t ultimately choose our candidates. Because that’s what we stand for as a party, and that’s what the people of Utah deserve. It’s disappointing but not surprising that the Republican Party continues to prioritize partisan games over fairness and the rule of law,” added Diane Lewis, Utah Democratic Party Chair.

Mr. Hardy and the Utah Democratic Party have voluntarily dismissed their federal lawsuit and await a ruling from the Utah Supreme Court on their petition for extraordinary writ, as well as an opinion on the Supreme Court’s denial of motion for emergency relief that was filed with the petition.