False alarm incident at Granger Elementary

Granite School District responded to a false alarm incident at Granger Elementary earlier this morning. 

A teacher in the school heard loud noises which they thought could be potential shots fired. That teacher immediately called 911 and notified police.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that this report was non-credible. The loud noises were the result of a science experiment taking place in a nearby classroom. Everyone is safe and accounted for at the school. 

The district is grateful for the immediate response of the West Valley City Police Department and the proactive measures taken by staff. 

The district communicated as quickly as possible with parents but were unable to verify and share certain information while police conducted their investigation. 

Again, everyone is safe and accounted for and this was a false alarm. School is proceeding as normal, but the district recognizes that parents and students may be sensitive to the nature of the incident. 

If parents choose to do so, they can pick up their children from the school. Parents will need to show photo ID to pick up their student(s). 

Students who remain in school will be supervised and lunch will be provided. Those students who remain at the school will be released at the normal time. 

Students’ safety is our primary concern, and we want to provide you with accurate information as to what occurred. We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to keep our students and staff safe.