Utah Democrats: Republicans spend first week of session focused on harmful overreach

At the conclusion of the first week of the 2023 legislative session, Utah Democratic Party Chair Diane Lewis released the following statement:

“This week, we’ve seen Republican extremism in action at the legislature, and the supermajority is once again prioritizing culture war crusades over meaningful action for Utahns. In the last four days, Republicans have moved forward bills to attack marginalized youth and undermine parental rights, to send your tax dollars to private institutions rather than investing in our public schools, and to put themselves in the middle of the judicial process in order to restrict medical freedoms. 

Republican extremists will stop at nothing to advance their agenda and expand their own power, even if it means trampling on the individual freedoms of Utahns or defunding our neighborhood public schools. Utah Democrats reject this blatant government overreach by the Republican supermajority. 

“If we want to put a check on these abuses of power, the solution is simple: we must elect more Democrats to the legislature to stand against this extremism and put Utahns first. Until then, all Utahns should contact their legislators and make their voices heard on these important issues.”