Utah Manufacturers Association releases 2023 Competitiveness Redbook

The Utah Manufacturers Association is pleased to provide the 2023 Competitiveness Redbook for the state of Utah.

The Competitiveness Redbook provides a snapshot of Utah’s economic health by using data-driven comparisons with other states in a variety of key indicators. Utah remains in the top ten in multiple positive rankings, including age group by percentage, net migration, top states for business, total enrollment in higher education, national assessment of educational progress, the average retail price per KwH for commercial and residential customers, and airport on-time performance.

Utah continues to be ranked very highly in economic diversity, best states to do business, budgeting and fiscal effectiveness, and many other areas.

“A healthy and vibrant business climate is essential to Utah and its continued long-term business success. The continual evaluation of relevant business data, such as that in the Competitiveness Redbook, and the ongoing implementation of public policy are critical to growing the economy and improving the business climate in Utah,” said President and CEO of the Utah Manufacturers Association Todd Bingham. “Utah often is recognized for being the number one state in the country in a variety of areas. Most recently, the best place to start a business. It is hard to get to a number one rank. It is even more difficult to stay number one. These indicators of Utah’s business climate are critical to the continued success of the state.”

Overall, the 2023 Redbook offers a snapshot of Utah’s relative economic strength as the state continues to evolve and transition from a pandemic theater that created multiple economic challenges.

We encourage readers to use this book as a resource as employers, policymakers, and others work to grow and strengthen Utah’s economic engine.

Manufacturing continues to be the engine that drives the economy in Utah. We look forward to providing this data-driven Competitiveness Redbook annually as a resource for policymakers and employers.

Because What Utah Makes, Makes Utah.