USBE: Students selected to attend the 2023 National Youth Science Camp

The Utah Board of Education is pleased to announce that Priyanka Mathews and Christine Schmidt have been selected to represent Utah at the 2023 National Youth Science Camp. Elaine Carpenter and Makalya Hansen have been selected as alternates.

In its 60th year, the National Youth Science Camp is an annual summer forum where two delegates representing each state exchange ideas with leading scientists and other professionals from academic and corporate worlds. Lectures and hands-on research projects are presented by scientists from across the United States who work on some of the most provocative topics in science today. These topics include: fractal geometry, the human genome project, global climate change, the history of the universe, the fate of our rain forests, and robotics. Delegates to the NYSC are challenged to explore new areas in the biological and physical sciences, art, and music with resident staff members. Delegates also present seminars covering their own areas of research and interest.  

The National Youth Science Camp’s diverse academic program is complemented by an outdoor recreation program, which leverages the Science Camp’s location in the Monongahela National Forest. The Science Camp’s outdoor program offers backpacking, caving, rock climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking.

Priyanka Mathews and Christine Schmidt will be flown to Charleston, West Virginia to participate in this innovative educational program. The National Youth Science Academy (formerly the National Youth Science Foundation), based in Charleston, West Virginia, covers all expenses, including travel. More information is available online at and