Republican Becky Edwards qualifies for CD2 primary

Former Utah legislator Becky Edwards has officially qualified for the Republican Primary ballot in the special election to replace Congressman Chris Stewart. The Lieutenant Governor’s Office has verified 7,000 signatures out of the 12,500 submitted by Edwards’ campaign, meeting the required number for qualification.

Edwards’ successful qualification highlights the grassroots efforts of hundreds of volunteers across the district, demonstrating the support for her candidacy. With 30 years of residency in the district and a decade of service in the Utah House, Edwards possesses a deep understanding of local challenges and a strong connection to the community. The significant number of volunteers and signatures gathered underscores the alignment between Edwards’ platform and the priorities of Utah voters.

“This was truly a grassroots, volunteer-driven effort, and I’m incredibly grateful for the hundreds of Utahns across the district that gathered signatures on my behalf,” Edwards stated. “I’m proud to be the only candidate on the ballot with this level of support and momentum, and I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every Utahn who played a part in this achievement.”

In the coming weeks, the campaign says it will expand its efforts to connect with even more Utahns. “We firmly believe that our message, focused on Economic Responsibility, Prioritizing Utah Families and Businesses, and Safeguarding America, will resonate with voters across the district.”