New Utah PAC – Republican Women Lead

There’s a new PAC in town – the Republican Women Lead Political Action Committee. All nine female Republican legislators – 8 in the House and one in the Senate – were present at Tuesday’s press conference when the RWL PAC was announced.

In Utah, 25 percent of state legislators are female; however, just under 9 percent are Republican women (9 out of 104). In a supermajority Republican state, there is value in having more female conservative voices at the table. Nationally, the percentage of Republican women serving in state legislatures is 9 percent – the same today as in 1995. In comparison, Democrat women now make up 20 percent of state legislatures around the country.

The mission of the Republican Women Lead (RWL) Political Action Committee is to recruit, train, and provide financial resources to Republican women candidates. RWL is committed to supporting Republican women running for office at all levels of state government and will provide monetary support, campaign training, and mentorship to female Republican candidates. They will work to get Republican women elected in open seats and focus heavily on flipping blue districts to red. They also will be working only on the state level and will not be involved in federal races.

The PAC has a board comprised of the nine Republican women currently in the legislature, Speaker Wilson, President Adams and nine additional members with extensive political experience. They also have an advisory committee with 11 members. The Governor and Lt. Governor, are on that list and are, of course, Republican. They can and do endorse in political races.

I had a chance to sit down with Representative Pierucci to ask about the PAC. Some of the questions she answered for me included how the PAC would recruit and train, when they would begin the process for the 2022 cycle, whether or not there was a “litmus test” for how Republican a candidate might be and what happens if there is more than one Republican woman in any given race.

Take a listen: