The ‘Soap Opera History’ of Enid Mickelsen

Mother Jones dredges up the mid-1990s travails, both personal and political, of Enid Mickelsen, the Utahn who is heading the powerful rules commitee at the GOP national convention.

Reports Stephanie Mercimer:

When the Republican National Convention’s rules committee convenes Wednesday to debate the parameters for selecting the party’s candidate for president, moderating the chaos will be Enid Greene Mickelsen, the committee’s chair, whomthe National Review recently described as “a little-known, Sunday School-teaching grandmother from Draper, Utah.”


Mickelsen, though, is far more than a Mormon granny. Utahns will always remember Mickelsen as Enid Greene Waldholtz, a woman responsible for the state’s biggest and perhaps most embarrassing political scandal of the last 30 years. Her selection as the powerful moderator between the pro- and anti-Trump forces spoiling for a fight at the GOP convention represents a remarkable comeback for a woman who left Washington in disgrace in 1996 after blubbering through a nearly five-hour press conference about love and betrayal that capped her brief career as a member of Congress.