National Headlines 7-13-16

Swing-state stunner: Trump has edge in key states (Politico)

Trump advisers split on VP pick (Politico)

State Department will release deleted Clinton emails (The Hill)

Shifting from Sanders to Clinton in the Works for Some Latinos (NBC News)

Top Republicans criticize Ruth Bader Ginsburg but don’t back Trump’s call for her to resign (CNN)

While Trump stays out of it, GOP platform tacks to the right on gay rights (Washington Post)

Transgender woman accused of videotaping 18-year-old in Target fitting room (CNN)

NYC Council Speaker: Trump’s plans could cripple economy (Associated Press)

GOP Candidate Says Bayh Part of DC Problem (New York Times)

Likely hack of U.S. banking regulator by China covered up: probe (Reuters)

US sees small surplus in June, but deficit up for year (Associated Press)